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Adri's new book is receiving some regular publicity.

Paraplegia after robbery in Africa
The walk: dreaming about Africa | KRO, 4 Oct 2014 | Watch the broadcast

Arie Boomsma walks with nature photographer Adri de Visser and his wife Regine. In a matter of seconds they experienced a total chance of their free and adventurous life when they were raided by force in Africa. Adri is hit by 6 bullets, including one that takes the light from his remaining good eye. He survives but at a high price.

He has a spinal cord injury that leaves him paralysed from the shoulders down, he is virtually blind and must say farewell to all things he no longer can do. On the savanna of Burgers Zoo, Adri will experience for the first time since the robbery, the presence of wild animals which he has photographed so phenomenal as a nature photographer.

adri de visser in kro de wandeling 550

TV-program with Scott Kelby about the book of Adri